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koomaster's Journal

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29 January
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I like to wear pants alot. I'm currently a mental patient at the college of William & Mary. Also currently gay and very happy about it! Lovin' Anime and movies in general, will sometimes find me quoting lines from either. I'm also an obsessive compulsive collector of many objects.
7-up, aim, alien abductions, angels, anime, antidisestablishmentarionism, armadildos, armadillos, australia, b-movies, bags of crack, banana nut bread, boxers, breast feeling, burger king hamburgers, burning files onto cds, care bears, college, college roomates from hell, cologne, computers, cookies, crack inspired ideas, craziness, creative away messages, cults, damn college kids, doing laundry, dolphin shaped dildos, drawing, drew barrymore, ducks, dvds, dwarfs, eating with friends, empty pizza boxes, empty soda cans, followers in my cult, fraggle rock, friends, funny farm comics, gay people, guys, hair dye, hanging around friends, helpdesk, hugging cheryl, hugging in general, hugging julie, hugging lisa, hugging mere, hugs, icecream, ireland, jihads, kinky objects, kool-aid, leopard print items, leprechauns, lesbians, lip gloss, metal detectors, mike's in progress story, monty python, movies, mp3s, mst3k, my friends poems, my yellow glasses, mystery science theater 3000, nakedness, old game shows, omelet dan, online comics, oranges, orgasms, parodies, penguins, people watching, pictures of friends, pillows, pizza, poems, popcorn holders, porn, pringles, psychology, quotes from movies, remote controls, rings, roses, round buttocks in pants, rpg games, sailor moon, scifi cons, shoes, slacking, sleeping, smiley faces, sneezing, socks, spankings, sponge bob square pants, star trek, star wars, superosity, taking over the world, talking with wes, tattoos, the simpsons, the word yes, throwing stars, trainspotting, underwear, websites, weird songs, yelling at the tv, you

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