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Reading My Journal Or Not Reading My Journal!

Folks, I gotta tell you, stop reading my LiveJournal! I've been meaning to "censor" it for a while now. I dont' know why I made it public to a few select people in the first place as a lot of entries are VERY personal. Go read my Diaryland diary as it is where my loyalties lye now.

You'll know which entries I censored, and you'll know where I censored cause I'll leave page breaks. When I originally wrote in here I didn't put any page breaks, so some entries are hard to get through with them being so long - heh, my bad.

Actually, only a little bit of censoring was done in a few entries. Don't be offended or anything that you don't get to read EVERYthing about me, but I'd rather just keep that for myself now.

Peas out LJ users!
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