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I'm back oh yes I am. Or.... The summer's just starting

Well I haven't really had time to write in this online Journal thing recently b/c of all the chaos that goes with the final exams and the being sick and the moving back home to Roanoke, the place where all life ceases to exist. Or something along those lines. Plus I found out that people really don't care to read my long silioquis [sic?] when I put my heart and soul in them so I decided to give it a break for a while. But now as I have nothing to occupy my time I shall begin again. Because as expected I miss everyone from college, being in Roanoke is lonely without your friends there to rap on your door and scare you and drag you out to the sunken gardens to play football or frisbee or go out for icecream and whatnot. Anyway, it is currently way early in the morning and I should be in bed (seeing as how I have to travel to the country tomorrow) but I cannot resist the glow of the computer. Oooo pretty, but I really have nothing I want to say in this right now so I shall bid you dear reader and ado. "Ado ado, parting is such sweet sorrow" ~ Koo-Sempai
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