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Checks cashed, but not yours. Or.... Screwing with computer simulated people is fun!

Hello it is once again time for you (the viewer) to see what I did today...
Went to classes (yeah fun, so very exciting) Well today I was pissed off more than usual well not really, I get pissed off easially when it comes to stupidity on the part of other people. I went all around campus today trying to get a check cashed because I REALLY didn't feel walking all the way to the bank to do it. Well every place was the same...
Me - Do you cash checks
Person - Yes we do
Me - OK
Person - Oh I'm sorry we only cash checks of $25 or less
I swear, what good is $25 going to do me exactly? I mean $25 dollars is a lot but hey it's not going to pay the bills yo! Oh and get this shit, I went to the bursars office trying to get it cashed (same thing happend) but the woman looks on her computer for my name and stops me before I leave and tells me I have an overdue $40 phone bill. What I disagree on here is that these idiots at the college NEVER mail me my phone bill. Or if they do, they mail it to my home address! GET A CLUE PEOPLE, I live at college, I have an address here. So anyway, I'm basically FORCED to pay it since she said they would cut off my long distance access code if I didn't pay it today. So instead of cashing a check and getting some money to have fun this weekend, I end up handing over the rest of my cash! I finally made the decision that I could get to the bank before it closed, grrrr..... when I got there the line was a mile long. Felt like smacking people out of my way. Well finally got the damn thing cashed and decided that I needed some distraction this weekend to relax after a stress filled week. So I end up going to Staples and spending $30 on a game, actually I should clarify that it was an Expansion Pack to a game I already own (Rollercoaster Tycoon). Why the hell are the expansion packs more expensive than the game? Well anyway it all turned out ok in the end, I took out my agression on the sim people in the amusement park on the game. I love torturing them for some weird reason, I get like a couple of thousand in my park then I block off the exit and shut down the rides. So very screwed up but hey, it's fun. Also today Wes convinced me to go with him to get food at the caf, like he has been doing. I doesn't take much to convince me to do stuff. He is a good friend tho so I don't mind. Mike on the other hand... naw, Mike just left me here this weekend. He went home, makes me sad when he leaves, I like hanging out with him. I have been so torn between myself lately, I sat around thinking about it today. One part of me is happy and so relaxed, while another part is depressed and tense. Such is the life of Greg, many things are influencing it, from both my environment and inside. I won't mention any thing here, it is too personal. I wish I could talk to someone not involved and who would care. Despite these depressing thoughts I had a happy evening, Got together with a few friends to watch 2 episodes of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) which is the best show ever made in the entire world. I currently have a collection of MST3K videos that equal enough for over a 24 hour marathon. I need to do that sometime, just watch them all back to back. Also filled out my psych survey again, gotta keep doing that for the next 2 weeks. If they want to know they could just ask "Yes, I'm crazy, crazy about life, emotions, love, and cookies!" ~ Koo-Sempai
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