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Still up when I should be in bed. Or.... Death be to ye alarm clock

Yeah so I should have been in bed like half past a quarter of an hour rounding to the nearest round number divided by the square root of the hypothalamus (I mean hydroponics, or is it hypoglyceride? what is that thing that is in a Freakin' Triangle? I can't think of the word........~~~~~~_______~>.....HYPOTONUSE! Well taking what we learned from physics and putting into perspective the fact that the faster my brain works at coming up with nonsensical Theorums then time should slow down a fraction of a second every hundred years or so (carry the four) Plus adding to that the knowledge of what's on my grocery list I come to the conclusion that 2 bunny rabbits when left alone in a field will copulate with each other at the speed of Light*Pi*Mass despite the fact that banner ads keep popping up and that both of them are male! What am I saying, I really have no idea, I wish it was morning already. I should be tired but my brain is wierd! Hehehe I rhymed there for no reason. I think this mental activity comes from the consumption of soy milk. Ok I was in bed resting comfortably and TWICE I got out of bed to get some soy milk to drink. After I drank out of the carton (hey no one else drinks it) I would walk back to my room but I would stop in the living room and turn on the computer and get on the internet. So my conclusion is that Soy Milk + Overactive Brain = No Sleep + Computer Addiction or something along those lines. I feel creative for no reason or maybe that is just the insanity setting in? Either way it is exciting. Wanna know a secret? (Now you're interested) I am in love with someone from college, shall I tell you his name? Hmmmm? Naw, I'll let you figure it out on your own, sad this boy will never come out of the closet but anyway. Oooo did you want a Hint? His name starts with the first letter of the alphabet (~>"A"<~) In love I tell you LOVE This isn't your normal everyday love, this is my kind of Waffle toasting, Syrup pouring, Sugar Powdering, Internation House of Pancakes LOVE!!!! Now the debate lies in whether or not I should tell him of my infamous IHOP love? I (against my better judgement) shall write him a letter of confession, and if he deems it so worthy then he shall respond in the affirmitive mannor and he shall marry me and we will bike off into the hills together. Why is it my confessions of Love always come in letters written at 4-o-clock in the morning? I am currently smiling thinking of all the wonderful times we have spent together. Hehehe, well that one never happened but it might one day. mmmm mmmm good! I could really go for some waffles with peanut butter and cheese, wait no I couldn't that is nasty. What am I talking about, where am I, what am I doing here at the computer? I think I will go and lye down in the bathtub and think this out. WAIT ah-ha Love confession Plan number 2 is more devious, I shall wait until the right moment, then I shall IM him and engage in a conversation about cheese, then I shall say "I don't know about that but I love you, Marry me and become my adoring husband and we shall share much wonderful times together" That has got to be the most BRILLIANT idea I have ever had, I shall do it, but right now, the right person is not online (P*A) my love, whereforart thou? Am I insane right about now, pretty much, I'm completely lost site of all consciousness, but I shall post this and go on about my rounds of watching over the castle fortress I call GrassTopia where the angel ants climb upon my kneecaps and fly toward the pine tree where they will spear themselves with needles, Oh beautiful wonderful suicidal angel ants how I shall miss thee, I shall build thee a memorial in the woods, under the dense forest I shall create a shrine where people can come and worship the angel ants. What the hell was that, what am I talking about? Anyway come see me in my show, theee times daily and 87 times on the weekend. GOODNIGHT! "If you can't stand the heat, then you shouldn't have pissed me off and forced me to burn down your house." ~ Koo-Sempai
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