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Paper Frustration released on Mario Kart. Or....Dildos on trashcans and vomit in hallways.... these are a few of my favorite things.

Wow, very little paper writing to go. Next week I get my rough draft back from my proff. and all I have to do is revise it.... oh yeah! Finished my english writing too, which is awesome.. Such relief and joy. Tonight I skipped going to the GSU although I met Julie who was heading there and I pondered for a minute about going with her, and I almost did because she was just so convincing, and I would have liked to see if Joe actually went. Me and Wes saw him at lunch today and went to talk to him and he was all downplaying us because we weren't going to the GSU tonight. He said he would give a shout-out to us tho, but then he said "No, I'm not going tonight either." But he is one of those people who you can't tell if they are kidding or not, ya know? Oh well, Julie almost got me to go, I only needed a little more convincing. People soon learn that with enough convincing and proding I will do just about anything, I'm so weak! Naw! Later me and Mike watched Baseball on TV (no it was inside my dorm room). I told Wes that I felt more Masculine and he said they (Gay society) would take away my "card" haha so very funny, actually it was. The Mets won just incase anyone is interested. Then Mike and me decided to go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes for you people in the south who only have the Waffle House). Yes we caught the bus just as it was getting to the stop and rode most of the way there and walked the rest. We arrived around 10:30pm only to find out that they close at 10pm. Grrrr.... What the f*ck is up with that, I'm pretty damn sure that the IHOP in Roanoke (My hometown) stays open 24/7, that place never closes, I remember going there at like 3 and 4 in the morning on school nights. This IHOP here just pissed me off, if I didn't enjoy IHOP so much I would never go back to this one here... I'm seriously thinking about writing to someone to complain about this! And it wasn't as if the door was locked either, Me and Mike stood around waiting to be seated for like 5/7 minutes and finally someone came up and said they were closed and pointed to the door, like we read it and just ignored it or like we couldn't read! BAH! I shake my fist at you Williamsburg IHOP! We decided to walk back since we missed the bus, it was nice to get out of the dorm with Mike tho. Once we got back I decided to fill out an online Psych survey for class credit and Allen and Mike came in my room and started playing Mario Kart, Once I was finished with the survey I joined in and used my skills to beat Mike down.... Oh yeah Mike, beat you down in Mario Kart... Hehe... not by much tho. The scores were like thus
Allen - 0 (Don't think he's played much Mario Kart much)
Mike - 7
Greg - 15
Yes, I love Mario Kart actually, it's fun to play and learn from my own crazy mistakes. Mike, I have to say is the most challenging person I've played in it. Julie you were good with the racing and managed to beat me once or twice but you have yet to do battle with me in one of the dueling arenas!
Games in my opinion are a good way to release agression in a non-violent way of course :)
After all my fun I spent an hour writing my 1.5 pages worth of English stuff, none of it was all that mind-blowing or stressful, and I know I'm gonna sound insane, but it was actually kind of fun once I got started.
Currently one of my hallmates is drunk and thowing up in the hall... (Did I mention I love this place ever so much)... yep, he is right outside my door too, how wonderful, if he doesn't clean it up and I accidently walk into it in one of my sleepy stupors I will be forever pissed. Oh by the way I saw a dildo sitting on a trash can today, don't know why it was there but it just adds to the mystery of college and I thought I would share. I don't think I've fully mentioned how much I love this place. Bah! I need go sleep now, can't miss those ever important things called classes now can we? "There's a place for us, a time for us. - West Side Story" ~ Koo-Sempai
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