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Something Sweeter. Or.... Dream guy.

Well ok that last entry was depressing but I'm happier now, 30 min later and a shower does that for ya. So I'm feeling frivolous and bored so I thought I would write about this guy I'm interested in. Unfortuanately he is unobtainable for me cause he is straight but I can always dream. I probably won't see him too much next year but I hope I get to. He is the perfect guy, and also not a big jerk. My fantasy involves me and him lying out in the sunken gardens (W&M landmark) on our backs feet to feet, wiggling our toes, just so very cuteness happening. I wish I wish. I'm attracted to his feet, is that weird? I'm a total foot fetishist now right? Whatever - too cute, I can't help smiling thinking about him. I would so love to hold him in my arms, lay next to him in bed, kiss him softly, see him smiling :) Ahhh sucha beautiful dream... thought I would share that much, the rest is censored for my enjoyment only ... mmmmm "I love you" ~ Koo-Sempai
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