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Girls, what are these things called - Girls? Or.... To confused to think "straight"

About 50% of this entry was Censored by me 7/24 You are left with...

In spite of everything going on, I have gained most of my sanity back, and I can buy the rest back from the elf that lives under my desk. Damn him, he profits from my pain. I have to go steal cookies for him all the time, and will he accept any from the store, NO, I have to go and take them from various locations. Evil, oh wait maybe I don't have my sanity back after all......... Oh wait.... no, he says that he indeed is real so I guess that is a good thing.

Blah love. I'm currently considering dating girls again, I mean truely girls are so much nicer than guys (Guys are big fat jerks, even the nice ones are jerks - Except me :) Anyway I don't know where this decision will take me, I mean I won't be straight by any accounts, I'll still be gay but I'll just date girls, whatever I don't know, I'm not thinking about this right now... my brain is still too burned out from paper writing yesterday. Anyway, I'm looking for support in this decision but I think it will be hard to find since I don't think people truly understand why I am considering this. It's not that I dislike being gay, I infact enjoy it, but I have had bad experiences with guys in so many capacities that it is unimaginable. When I did date girls it was so much better for me.

To hell with society and what other people think! I am so f*cked in the head right now I really don't know what I'm talking about really. I want a guy, I wanna girl, I wanna threesome. Why don't people believe in healthy threesomes anyway - more people, more love. I personally think my standards for a guy are too high right now. All the guys that do live up to my standard are either, straight or in a relationship already, SURE-FINE TAKE ALL THE GOOD GUYS B4 I CAN!
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