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Loco Loco Loco. Or... Everybody's doing a brand new dance now... come on baby do the LOCOmotion

hehehehehehehe..... YoU siCK and TWIsteD AniMaL!!!!! You thought you could defeat me, but no, it is I who has triumphed. My paper writing is done for the day, here's the breakdown.....
7:40 - 10:23am : 5 pages of an english paper
6:40pm - 1:26am (-1 hour break for voyager and -half hour break in Allen's Room) : 8 pages on my research paper and a bibliography and outline
Totally crazed out of my burned out mind!!!! Classes tomorrow and more paper writing are just going to be a pain in my @$$ (That is so cool, oh no wait, no it isn't... I'm an idiot, I blame it on the papers)
I'm totally insane now, maybe a good 7 hour sleep will cure me? Yes sleep, wife, mother, ... secret lover!!!!!
"Loco en el coco... insane in the brain" ~ Koo-Sempai
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