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Papers, I don't need no stinkin' papers. Or.... A little bit of poetry

Tis the morning, and what a bright morning it is. I woke up at 7:40am and wrote a 5 page english paper that I had writer's block on last night, finished it at 10:23am. Wow, I feel so successful, and the paper is just too damn good to be believed. Yeah I'm free from papers... oh wait, no I'm not. I have to write 8-10 pages at least on my research paper tonight.... waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! So much pain, so little sanity left. Um... don't expect me to be doing anything fun or interesting tonight. BLAH.... I hate papers.
"So very much do I hate thee oh foul instrument of my torture that keeps me from a peaceful sleep, you come at me from the depths of hell and spite me in many ways so gruesome, you slice open my heart and my dreams, I stab at thee from the depths of insanity, forever cutting your surface, but I know not the shape of the heart that drives thee... Oh cruel fate thou hast taunted me for the last time, you are no longer my mistress, I maketh my mark upon the page, hurriedly I place upon the white blank fog, a mist of black letters, letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into ideas, ideas into paragraphs, paragraphs into the night, I fall into the depths of my mind, forever lost upon a thousand words and ideas, distractions feed my tormented soul, till at last, the dawn breaks, and the paper is finished, I verdantly stare into the sunlight pouring in my window and proclaim my victory over that which has chained my soul. Then slowly, I die into comfort, my pillow is my lover, I sleep, perchance to dream of better things. RINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRING, cursed alarm, one day I will defeat thee." ~ Koo-Sempai
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