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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
11:35 pm
Reading My Journal Or Not Reading My Journal!
Folks, I gotta tell you, stop reading my LiveJournal! I've been meaning to "censor" it for a while now. I dont' know why I made it public to a few select people in the first place as a lot of entries are VERY personal. Go read my Diaryland diary as it is where my loyalties lye now.

You'll know which entries I censored, and you'll know where I censored cause I'll leave page breaks. When I originally wrote in here I didn't put any page breaks, so some entries are hard to get through with them being so long - heh, my bad.

Actually, only a little bit of censoring was done in a few entries. Don't be offended or anything that you don't get to read EVERYthing about me, but I'd rather just keep that for myself now.

Peas out LJ users!

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, October 18th, 2003
7:27 pm
Other Journal
Where have you been - I've been running over at Diaryland for over a year now - go http://koomaster.diaryland.com and see how crazy a writer I've become - sorry I never update here and never told anyone about D-Land! Hee, my bad!

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
10:37 pm
I am here to protect you from the terrible secret of space!
Well I'm gonna try starting this journal thing back up again, as long as it doesn't keep crashing my computer like it used to! Not much fancy going on, just check back some other time. I'm currently hooked on the Terrible Secret of Space, very insane mp3 and music video http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1325/1325452.html that should link you to the mp3. You can find the video for yourself, I can't do everything for you, actually there is a link on the page for the video website as well. Don't forget to also check out the "All your base are belong to us" nostalgia as well, it had to start somewhere.
Sunday, May 20th, 2001
4:37 am
A or B
I no longer have pantz on ahahahahahha ~
4:19 am
Still up when I should be in bed. Or.... Death be to ye alarm clock
Yeah so I should have been in bed like half past a quarter of an hour rounding to the nearest round number divided by the square root of the hypothalamus (I mean hydroponics, or is it hypoglyceride? what is that thing that is in a Freakin' Triangle? I can't think of the word........~~~~~~_______~>.....HYPOTONUSE! Well taking what we learned from physics and putting into perspective the fact that the faster my brain works at coming up with nonsensical Theorums then time should slow down a fraction of a second every hundred years or so (carry the four) Plus adding to that the knowledge of what's on my grocery list I come to the conclusion that 2 bunny rabbits when left alone in a field will copulate with each other at the speed of Light*Pi*Mass despite the fact that banner ads keep popping up and that both of them are male! What am I saying, I really have no idea, I wish it was morning already. I should be tired but my brain is wierd! Hehehe I rhymed there for no reason. I think this mental activity comes from the consumption of soy milk. Ok I was in bed resting comfortably and TWICE I got out of bed to get some soy milk to drink. After I drank out of the carton (hey no one else drinks it) I would walk back to my room but I would stop in the living room and turn on the computer and get on the internet. So my conclusion is that Soy Milk + Overactive Brain = No Sleep + Computer Addiction or something along those lines. I feel creative for no reason or maybe that is just the insanity setting in? Either way it is exciting. Wanna know a secret? (Now you're interested) I am in love with someone from college, shall I tell you his name? Hmmmm? Naw, I'll let you figure it out on your own, sad this boy will never come out of the closet but anyway. Oooo did you want a Hint? His name starts with the first letter of the alphabet (~>"A"<~) In love I tell you LOVE This isn't your normal everyday love, this is my kind of Waffle toasting, Syrup pouring, Sugar Powdering, Internation House of Pancakes LOVE!!!! Now the debate lies in whether or not I should tell him of my infamous IHOP love? I (against my better judgement) shall write him a letter of confession, and if he deems it so worthy then he shall respond in the affirmitive mannor and he shall marry me and we will bike off into the hills together. Why is it my confessions of Love always come in letters written at 4-o-clock in the morning? I am currently smiling thinking of all the wonderful times we have spent together. Hehehe, well that one never happened but it might one day. mmmm mmmm good! I could really go for some waffles with peanut butter and cheese, wait no I couldn't that is nasty. What am I talking about, where am I, what am I doing here at the computer? I think I will go and lye down in the bathtub and think this out. WAIT ah-ha Love confession Plan number 2 is more devious, I shall wait until the right moment, then I shall IM him and engage in a conversation about cheese, then I shall say "I don't know about that but I love you, Marry me and become my adoring husband and we shall share much wonderful times together" That has got to be the most BRILLIANT idea I have ever had, I shall do it, but right now, the right person is not online (P*A) my love, whereforart thou? Am I insane right about now, pretty much, I'm completely lost site of all consciousness, but I shall post this and go on about my rounds of watching over the castle fortress I call GrassTopia where the angel ants climb upon my kneecaps and fly toward the pine tree where they will spear themselves with needles, Oh beautiful wonderful suicidal angel ants how I shall miss thee, I shall build thee a memorial in the woods, under the dense forest I shall create a shrine where people can come and worship the angel ants. What the hell was that, what am I talking about? Anyway come see me in my show, theee times daily and 87 times on the weekend. GOODNIGHT! "If you can't stand the heat, then you shouldn't have pissed me off and forced me to burn down your house." ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: crazy
3:42 am
I'm back oh yes I am. Or.... The summer's just starting
Well I haven't really had time to write in this online Journal thing recently b/c of all the chaos that goes with the final exams and the being sick and the moving back home to Roanoke, the place where all life ceases to exist. Or something along those lines. Plus I found out that people really don't care to read my long silioquis [sic?] when I put my heart and soul in them so I decided to give it a break for a while. But now as I have nothing to occupy my time I shall begin again. Because as expected I miss everyone from college, being in Roanoke is lonely without your friends there to rap on your door and scare you and drag you out to the sunken gardens to play football or frisbee or go out for icecream and whatnot. Anyway, it is currently way early in the morning and I should be in bed (seeing as how I have to travel to the country tomorrow) but I cannot resist the glow of the computer. Oooo pretty, but I really have nothing I want to say in this right now so I shall bid you dear reader and ado. "Ado ado, parting is such sweet sorrow" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: restless
Thursday, April 19th, 2001
11:10 pm
Passionate Day of Emotion. Or.... Philip the Tyrant
About 85% of this entry was Censored by Me 7/24 You are left with....

I'm currently in my room watching the Newly Wed Game with Mike(Future Roomate) and Wes. I tried talking to Wes about the why I was upset with Philip but he just wouldn't listen to me and he said he didn't want to talk about it! Whatever, that just makes me mad that he doesn't want to talk about it because I disagree with Philip and he agrees with what Philip has said and he doesn't want to hear anything bad about Philip - Whatever that is so fucking stupid however, I'm so pissed at Wes too right now, I don't want to talk to him, I'm just trying to ignore him right now!

Well that is all for me tonight and today I guess!

Current Mood: hot
1:31 am
Appologies, and mistaken circumstance. Or.... Turned out to be a wonderful evening
5% of this entry was censored by me 7/24 You are left with....

Ok once again, i've jumped to a false conclusion. I totally appologize for my stupid nature, I beg upon you, your forgiveness. My beautiful friend I cannot really say how sorry I am, I say it now that I, GF, was totally wrong to assume that your actions had no logical reasonable purpose. As for the rest of my day, I'm doing pretty good, spent the whole evening with Mike and built a super powerful coaster on Roller Coaster Tycoon with an intensity rating of 40.46! It has 17g's on this baby, if anyone really rode it, it would snap their necks off - so very wonderful. Had a good evening watching TV with Mike, right now I'm happily going to bed. "Ado, ado, parting is such sweet sorrow. - Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and many other sources" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, April 18th, 2001
3:54 pm
Blah, blah, blah. Or.... So Forth and So On, etc, etc etc....
About 75% of this entry was censored by me on 7/24 You are left with....

Well, I'm DEAD, how sad. I'm currently not feeling good nor bad, not feeling anything at all, just DEAD. Reading Jane Eyre which doesn't help, so long, so very long. I drift off into an endless void reading it, I'm only on chapter 2.

"Alas, I die! - Shakespear or someone of the like" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, April 15th, 2001
11:19 pm
A Break in the Clouds. Or.... The Rain Came Down
About 80% of this entry was cencored by me 7/24 You are left with....

Today was another wonderful day in the life of Greg! I ended up not going to sleep last night, instead I stayed up and read in one of my books. Then at around 5am I decided to multi-task and do laundry while I read. I finished it around 6:30am because I had a lot to do, then I decided it was time for sleep. I ended up going to sleep just as my roomate was waking up.... fun, I am so weird sometimes.

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: content
4:54 am
Greg's and Julie's day out. Or.... This means a Music War "Uh - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing"
Today was such a great day dear reader! I hope you had one, just as awesome as mine. Today was Sat. and I watched cartoons all morning then at 2 I was invited to go off campus and eat with Julie. We walked to and ate at Sal's (Italian Restaurant in the 'Burg) then we stopped by radio shack and I harrased the people into giving her the stuff she had ordered (cell phone charger) which hadn't come in yet. So they compensated her for it by giving her extra stuff. Then we stopped in Books-a-Million and showed her where the Gay and Lesbian section is since it is freakin' hidden. You have to go like past these vaulted doors and down some stairs then you have to present your Gay ID at the door and swipe your card to unlock it then you have to remove the secret bookcase and go down some more stairs and... well you get the picture... it's a hidden section. I ended up buying two books "The best little boy in the world" and "The Homo Handbook" both seem very interesting. Plus I got some special items for certain special people who won't find out about them until I let them know. I'm so viciously evil. Then we came back to our respective dorms and I took a nap around 8 and woke up at 12 where I proceeded to go to the Lodge and bring food back to watch movies on. I ended up watching "Volcano" and "Dante's Peak" both about Volcanoes and both extremely good (IMHO) I like Volcano better tho, more lava and excitement. During Dante's Peak I IMed Julie because she was still up at like 3 in the morning (She just went to bed 4:30) during this time we got in a Music War, where we both quoted songs and lyrics from songs... I eventually won with my Madonna Montage or maybe I won because Julie got too sleepy to talk... either way, I won and that's what counts right? Naw, it was good times.... what follows is the transcript of that war (Don't you just love me for including it). Ok on AIM my screen-name is KuMafger and Julie's is Poised0...

Poised0: (sings) i am i, don quixote ...
KuMafger: (sings) popeye theme (i am what I am)
Poised0: (sings) who am i? jean valjean!
KuMafger: (sings) I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor
Poised0: (sings) i am the model of a modern major general ...
KuMafger: (sings) i am the very model of a cartoon individual (Animaniacs)...
Poised0: that's cheating!
KuMafger: hehe
KuMafger: (sings) any other theme from the H.M.S. Pinafore
Poised0: lol
Poised0: (sings) young man, are you listenin' to me? i said, young man ...
KuMafger: (sings) hey children what's that sound, everybody looks whats goin' down....
Poised0: (sings) don't tell me not to fly, i've simply got to ... if someone takes a spill, it's me and not you ...
KuMafger: (sings) I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky... dream about it every night and day... spread my wings and fly away... I believe I can soar... see me runnin thought that open door.......
Poised0: (sings) whoa, my love, my darling ... i hunger for your touch, alone ... lonely times ...
KuMafger: (sings) I have the touch (Peter Gabriel).... The time I like is the rush hour... cause I like to rush... I have the touch...
Poised0: (sings) i'm afraid of americans, i'm afraid of the world ... i'm afraid i can't help it, i'm afraid i can't ...
KuMafger: (sings) Oh say can you see... by the dawns early light...
Poised0: (sings) you tell me over and over and over again, my friend ... that you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction ...
KuMafger: (sings) you spin me round like a record baby round round like a record baby....
Poised0: (sings) oops, i did it again, i played with your heart ... oh baby, baby ... got lost in the game ...
KuMafger: (sings) so hit me baby one more time... my loneliness is killing me (and i) I must confess I still believe (still believe) when you're not with me I loose my mind... give me a signnnn... Hit me baby one more time!
Poised0: (sings) i saw the sign ...
KuMafger: (sings) oh woah... it's a beautiful life, whoa oh it's a beautiful life...
Poised0: (sings) it's my life, and it's now or never ... i ain't gonna live forever ...
KuMafger: (sings) I don't wanna wait... for my life to be over... I want to know right now what will it be.....
Poised0: (sings) stop! in the name of love, before you break my heart ... think it o-whoa-ver ...
KuMafger: (sings & plays on the keys) heart and soul... I feel in love with you heart and soul... I fell in love with you madly....
Poised0: lol
Poised0: (sings) i'm a soul man ... doo doo doo de doo ... oh, i'm a soul man ...
KuMafger: (sings) I've got rhythm... I've got music... I've got my guy who can ask for anything more... old man trouble, you won't find him... you won't find him, at my door.. I've got sweet dreams... In green pastures... I've got my guy who can ask for anything more... Who can ask... for... anything..... moreeeeee!
Poised0: (signs) ask me why, i'll say i love you ... ask my why, i'll say i'm yours ...
KuMafger: (sings) I do... cherish you... from the depths of my soul it's beyond my control... I've waited so long to say this to you... If you ask me if I love you this much.... I do....
Poised0: (sings) doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo ... she was singing, doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo ...
KuMafger: (sings) mmmm bop... oh yeah mmmm bop... can ya tell me, no ya can't cause ya don't know.... can you tell me which flower's gonna grow... no ya can't cause ya don't know.. ya don't knnoowww... mmmm bop, mmmm bop....
Poised0: (sings) she bop a lula, she's my baby ... she bop a lula, i don't mean maybe ...
KuMafger: (sings) Girls just wanna have fun....
Poised0: (sings) and we laughed at the world, they can have their diamonds and we'll have our pearls ... i kissed a girl
KuMafger: (sings) I wanna be a supermodel... and my hair would shine like the sea... and everyone would wanna look just like meee... seee!
Poised0: (signs) i'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!
KuMafger: (yo canto) Soy tan sexy que me ropa... tan sexy que me ropa... que horror!
Poised0: (sings) feliz cumpleanos a tu ... feliz cumpleanos a tu ... feliz cumpleanos, gregorio ... feliz cumpleanos a tu!
KuMafger: (sings) she's in to superstition... black cats and voodoo dollls, I've got a preminition this girls gonna make me fall...she likes to take her clothes off and go dancing in the rain... she takes away my pain,.... like a bullet to the brain.... upside inside out.... she's living the vida loca!
Poised0: (sings) she bangs, she bangs ... she moves, she moves ...
KuMafger: (sings) Cup of life... ole ole ole!
Poised0: (sings) it's the circle of life, and it moves us all ...
KuMafger: (sings) Hakuna Matata... what a wonderful phrase... Hakuna Matata... ain't no passin' phase... It means no worries for the rest of our days (whoa oh oh) It's our problem free... philosophy... Hakuna Matata
Poised0: (sings) i'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemy's beware ... (i never saw a king of beasts with quite so little hair) ... i'm gonna be the main event, like no king was before ... i'm brushing up on looking down, i'm working on my roar ... oh, i just can't wait to be king!
KuMafger: (sings) be prepared for the coup of the century... be prepared for the murkyest scam... tenatiously planning, plotting and scamming (And where do we feature?) Just listen to teacher... I know it sounds sorded but you'll be rewarded when at last I am given my dues... and injustice deliciously squared.... BE PREPARED.... We'll be prepared... but for what.... For the death of the king you idiot... why is he sick....No fool we're going to kill him ( Yeah no king no king lalalalalala) IDIOT! There will be a king (but you said..) I shall be king.....
Poised0: (sings) well, since my baby left me, i had nowhere to dwell ... so i went on down lonely street to heartbreak hotel ...
KuMafger: (sings) are you lonesome tonight... do you miss me tonight... are you sorry we drifted apart... does your memory stray, to a bright summer day... when you kissed me and called me sweatheart... do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare... do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there.... is your heart filled with pain... shall I come back again... Sally dear... are you lonesome tonight!
Poised0: (sings) crazy ... crazy for feeling so lonely ... and crazy, crazy for feeling so blue ... i knew you'd love me as long as you wanted ... and then you'd move on to somebody new ...
KuMafger: (sings) I lye awake and drive myself crazy... drive myself crazy thinking of you...
Poised0: (sings) you shook me all night long ... yeah, you shook me all night long ...
KuMafger: (sings) in the still... of the night... hold me darlin' hold me tight... in the stilll of the night....
Poised0: (sings) black hole sun, won't you come ... and wash away the rain ... black hole sun, won't you come, won't you come ...
KuMafger: (sings) the world is a vampire... sent to drain... silent destroyer... looking out on the pain...
Poised0: (sings) it's the end of the world as we know it ... yes, it's the end of the world as we know it ... it's the end of the world as we know it ... and i feel fine
KuMafger: (sings) twenty twenty twenty four hours to goooo... I wanna be sedated....put me on a boxcar, put me on a plane, hurry hurry hurry before I go insane... Twenty twenty twenty four hours to goooo... I wanna be sedated...
Poised0: (sings) i want your love, babe ... yes, you know it's true ... you know i want your love, babe ... you know i love you ... hold me, love me, hold me, love me ... you know i need your love, babe, eight days a week ...
KuMafger: (sings) Like a virgin... touched for the very first time }{ like a prayer down on my knees I wanna take you there }{ Don't cry for me argentina the truth is }{ you're a beautiful stranger, I fell in love with a beautiful stranger }{ quicker than a ray of light...

Poised0: a musical montage??
KuMafger: yes
Poised0: damn, i can't beat that
Poised0: (shrugs) i forfeit
KuMafger: Ok..... it was fun tho while it lasted
Poised0: indeed ... now, i must get into my bed before i pass out
KuMafger: hehe... ok goodnight much luvs
Poised0: g'night to you too, sweetie

So there you have it, much funs... and now I like the night must fall upon my pillow... wait.. that was a bad metaphor.. I'm sorry, whatever... sleep now! "Hakuna Matata" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, April 14th, 2001
3:23 am
Checks cashed, but not yours. Or.... Screwing with computer simulated people is fun!
Hello it is once again time for you (the viewer) to see what I did today...
Went to classes (yeah fun, so very exciting) Well today I was pissed off more than usual well not really, I get pissed off easially when it comes to stupidity on the part of other people. I went all around campus today trying to get a check cashed because I REALLY didn't feel walking all the way to the bank to do it. Well every place was the same...
Me - Do you cash checks
Person - Yes we do
Me - OK
Person - Oh I'm sorry we only cash checks of $25 or less
I swear, what good is $25 going to do me exactly? I mean $25 dollars is a lot but hey it's not going to pay the bills yo! Oh and get this shit, I went to the bursars office trying to get it cashed (same thing happend) but the woman looks on her computer for my name and stops me before I leave and tells me I have an overdue $40 phone bill. What I disagree on here is that these idiots at the college NEVER mail me my phone bill. Or if they do, they mail it to my home address! GET A CLUE PEOPLE, I live at college, I have an address here. So anyway, I'm basically FORCED to pay it since she said they would cut off my long distance access code if I didn't pay it today. So instead of cashing a check and getting some money to have fun this weekend, I end up handing over the rest of my cash! I finally made the decision that I could get to the bank before it closed, grrrr..... when I got there the line was a mile long. Felt like smacking people out of my way. Well finally got the damn thing cashed and decided that I needed some distraction this weekend to relax after a stress filled week. So I end up going to Staples and spending $30 on a game, actually I should clarify that it was an Expansion Pack to a game I already own (Rollercoaster Tycoon). Why the hell are the expansion packs more expensive than the game? Well anyway it all turned out ok in the end, I took out my agression on the sim people in the amusement park on the game. I love torturing them for some weird reason, I get like a couple of thousand in my park then I block off the exit and shut down the rides. So very screwed up but hey, it's fun. Also today Wes convinced me to go with him to get food at the caf, like he has been doing. I doesn't take much to convince me to do stuff. He is a good friend tho so I don't mind. Mike on the other hand... naw, Mike just left me here this weekend. He went home, makes me sad when he leaves, I like hanging out with him. I have been so torn between myself lately, I sat around thinking about it today. One part of me is happy and so relaxed, while another part is depressed and tense. Such is the life of Greg, many things are influencing it, from both my environment and inside. I won't mention any thing here, it is too personal. I wish I could talk to someone not involved and who would care. Despite these depressing thoughts I had a happy evening, Got together with a few friends to watch 2 episodes of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) which is the best show ever made in the entire world. I currently have a collection of MST3K videos that equal enough for over a 24 hour marathon. I need to do that sometime, just watch them all back to back. Also filled out my psych survey again, gotta keep doing that for the next 2 weeks. If they want to know they could just ask "Yes, I'm crazy, crazy about life, emotions, love, and cookies!" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: moody
Friday, April 13th, 2001
3:04 am
Paper Frustration released on Mario Kart. Or....Dildos on trashcans and vomit in hallways.... these are a few of my favorite things.
Wow, very little paper writing to go. Next week I get my rough draft back from my proff. and all I have to do is revise it.... oh yeah! Finished my english writing too, which is awesome.. Such relief and joy. Tonight I skipped going to the GSU although I met Julie who was heading there and I pondered for a minute about going with her, and I almost did because she was just so convincing, and I would have liked to see if Joe actually went. Me and Wes saw him at lunch today and went to talk to him and he was all downplaying us because we weren't going to the GSU tonight. He said he would give a shout-out to us tho, but then he said "No, I'm not going tonight either." But he is one of those people who you can't tell if they are kidding or not, ya know? Oh well, Julie almost got me to go, I only needed a little more convincing. People soon learn that with enough convincing and proding I will do just about anything, I'm so weak! Naw! Later me and Mike watched Baseball on TV (no it was inside my dorm room). I told Wes that I felt more Masculine and he said they (Gay society) would take away my "card" haha so very funny, actually it was. The Mets won just incase anyone is interested. Then Mike and me decided to go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes for you people in the south who only have the Waffle House). Yes we caught the bus just as it was getting to the stop and rode most of the way there and walked the rest. We arrived around 10:30pm only to find out that they close at 10pm. Grrrr.... What the f*ck is up with that, I'm pretty damn sure that the IHOP in Roanoke (My hometown) stays open 24/7, that place never closes, I remember going there at like 3 and 4 in the morning on school nights. This IHOP here just pissed me off, if I didn't enjoy IHOP so much I would never go back to this one here... I'm seriously thinking about writing to someone to complain about this! And it wasn't as if the door was locked either, Me and Mike stood around waiting to be seated for like 5/7 minutes and finally someone came up and said they were closed and pointed to the door, like we read it and just ignored it or like we couldn't read! BAH! I shake my fist at you Williamsburg IHOP! We decided to walk back since we missed the bus, it was nice to get out of the dorm with Mike tho. Once we got back I decided to fill out an online Psych survey for class credit and Allen and Mike came in my room and started playing Mario Kart, Once I was finished with the survey I joined in and used my skills to beat Mike down.... Oh yeah Mike, beat you down in Mario Kart... Hehe... not by much tho. The scores were like thus
Allen - 0 (Don't think he's played much Mario Kart much)
Mike - 7
Greg - 15
Yes, I love Mario Kart actually, it's fun to play and learn from my own crazy mistakes. Mike, I have to say is the most challenging person I've played in it. Julie you were good with the racing and managed to beat me once or twice but you have yet to do battle with me in one of the dueling arenas!
Games in my opinion are a good way to release agression in a non-violent way of course :)
After all my fun I spent an hour writing my 1.5 pages worth of English stuff, none of it was all that mind-blowing or stressful, and I know I'm gonna sound insane, but it was actually kind of fun once I got started.
Currently one of my hallmates is drunk and thowing up in the hall... (Did I mention I love this place ever so much)... yep, he is right outside my door too, how wonderful, if he doesn't clean it up and I accidently walk into it in one of my sleepy stupors I will be forever pissed. Oh by the way I saw a dildo sitting on a trash can today, don't know why it was there but it just adds to the mystery of college and I thought I would share. I don't think I've fully mentioned how much I love this place. Bah! I need go sleep now, can't miss those ever important things called classes now can we? "There's a place for us, a time for us. - West Side Story" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, April 12th, 2001
2:38 pm
Something Sweeter. Or.... Dream guy.
Well ok that last entry was depressing but I'm happier now, 30 min later and a shower does that for ya. So I'm feeling frivolous and bored so I thought I would write about this guy I'm interested in. Unfortuanately he is unobtainable for me cause he is straight but I can always dream. I probably won't see him too much next year but I hope I get to. He is the perfect guy, and also not a big jerk. My fantasy involves me and him lying out in the sunken gardens (W&M landmark) on our backs feet to feet, wiggling our toes, just so very cuteness happening. I wish I wish. I'm attracted to his feet, is that weird? I'm a total foot fetishist now right? Whatever - too cute, I can't help smiling thinking about him. I would so love to hold him in my arms, lay next to him in bed, kiss him softly, see him smiling :) Ahhh sucha beautiful dream... thought I would share that much, the rest is censored for my enjoyment only ... mmmmm "I love you" ~ Koo-Sempai

Current Mood: flirty
2:01 pm
Girls, what are these things called - Girls? Or.... To confused to think "straight"
About 50% of this entry was Censored by me 7/24 You are left with...

In spite of everything going on, I have gained most of my sanity back, and I can buy the rest back from the elf that lives under my desk. Damn him, he profits from my pain. I have to go steal cookies for him all the time, and will he accept any from the store, NO, I have to go and take them from various locations. Evil, oh wait maybe I don't have my sanity back after all......... Oh wait.... no, he says that he indeed is real so I guess that is a good thing.

Blah love. I'm currently considering dating girls again, I mean truely girls are so much nicer than guys (Guys are big fat jerks, even the nice ones are jerks - Except me :) Anyway I don't know where this decision will take me, I mean I won't be straight by any accounts, I'll still be gay but I'll just date girls, whatever I don't know, I'm not thinking about this right now... my brain is still too burned out from paper writing yesterday. Anyway, I'm looking for support in this decision but I think it will be hard to find since I don't think people truly understand why I am considering this. It's not that I dislike being gay, I infact enjoy it, but I have had bad experiences with guys in so many capacities that it is unimaginable. When I did date girls it was so much better for me.

To hell with society and what other people think! I am so f*cked in the head right now I really don't know what I'm talking about really. I want a guy, I wanna girl, I wanna threesome. Why don't people believe in healthy threesomes anyway - more people, more love. I personally think my standards for a guy are too high right now. All the guys that do live up to my standard are either, straight or in a relationship already, SURE-FINE TAKE ALL THE GOOD GUYS B4 I CAN!

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1:39 am
Loco Loco Loco. Or... Everybody's doing a brand new dance now... come on baby do the LOCOmotion
hehehehehehehe..... YoU siCK and TWIsteD AniMaL!!!!! You thought you could defeat me, but no, it is I who has triumphed. My paper writing is done for the day, here's the breakdown.....
7:40 - 10:23am : 5 pages of an english paper
6:40pm - 1:26am (-1 hour break for voyager and -half hour break in Allen's Room) : 8 pages on my research paper and a bibliography and outline
Totally crazed out of my burned out mind!!!! Classes tomorrow and more paper writing are just going to be a pain in my @$$ (That is so cool, oh no wait, no it isn't... I'm an idiot, I blame it on the papers)
I'm totally insane now, maybe a good 7 hour sleep will cure me? Yes sleep, wife, mother, ... secret lover!!!!!
"Loco en el coco... insane in the brain" ~ Koo-Sempai

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2001
10:57 am
Papers, I don't need no stinkin' papers. Or.... A little bit of poetry
Tis the morning, and what a bright morning it is. I woke up at 7:40am and wrote a 5 page english paper that I had writer's block on last night, finished it at 10:23am. Wow, I feel so successful, and the paper is just too damn good to be believed. Yeah I'm free from papers... oh wait, no I'm not. I have to write 8-10 pages at least on my research paper tonight.... waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! So much pain, so little sanity left. Um... don't expect me to be doing anything fun or interesting tonight. BLAH.... I hate papers.
"So very much do I hate thee oh foul instrument of my torture that keeps me from a peaceful sleep, you come at me from the depths of hell and spite me in many ways so gruesome, you slice open my heart and my dreams, I stab at thee from the depths of insanity, forever cutting your surface, but I know not the shape of the heart that drives thee... Oh cruel fate thou hast taunted me for the last time, you are no longer my mistress, I maketh my mark upon the page, hurriedly I place upon the white blank fog, a mist of black letters, letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into ideas, ideas into paragraphs, paragraphs into the night, I fall into the depths of my mind, forever lost upon a thousand words and ideas, distractions feed my tormented soul, till at last, the dawn breaks, and the paper is finished, I verdantly stare into the sunlight pouring in my window and proclaim my victory over that which has chained my soul. Then slowly, I die into comfort, my pillow is my lover, I sleep, perchance to dream of better things. RINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRINGRING, cursed alarm, one day I will defeat thee." ~ Koo-Sempai

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2001
11:03 pm
Papers, Papers, Papers. Or.... How can they do this to me!
Papers are derived from the devil himself. Plus today I went to a book store to pick up a book that would help me on my research paper but instead picked up a totally unrelated book and I can't put it down. Too damn good! What am I to do, I'm slowly going insane. I think I shall be up all night writing. Maybe I should order a pizza. Ok I'm being good now and I'm going to stop writing in this. "To work, perchance to make good grades." ~ Koo-Sempai

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2:05 am
What is this anyway? Or.... Greg has lost it
Pants!.... that's all I have to say about that. Hehe, being secretly in love with someone is always cool.... happy Greg! Fantasies are abounding in my brain, la la la hmmm so good... If you are reading this you wonderful guy you, *kisses*, you don't know who you are and that is what makes it fun.... hehehe, I'll never tell. Heat is getting to my brain and making me go crazy, hallucinations of love? If you see me looking dazed it is because my pants are filled with bacon grease! Ha! You mentioned pants again!!! NO I DIDN'T, I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO YOUR WILD PANT ACCUSATIONS! You have no shame do you? I have lots of shame, shame for sale, at low low prices, buy and you will find out that the photosynthetic moon rays come from the boxes inside your carton of spoiled chocolate milk that was sold to you by the guy that lives in your bathtub in Australia when the water runs and swirls around the drain in the opposite direction of an extinct volcano on the summit of my chimney roof top in the middle of summer while wearing a dress made out of sand and leaves and turning around singing the theme song to the brady bunch which was cancelled because the numbers on the milage meter on your car all rolled back to zero thus sending the universe into the temporary time vortex where all the atoms in the aforementioned universe stop moving which is ok because it stops my ice cream cone from melting in the soft HOT insane glow of the nuclear bomb that continually goes off in the sky starting at 6 in the morning and ends at 7 at night except during daylight savings time when it ends at 8 but only if the laws of physics apply in the country in which you live in but sometimes only on Mondays when the cat outside my window starts flipping me the bird and snorts crack up it's nose to impress the sorority lesbians that pass by and wonder where are the nearest set of men's boxers with little pictures of smiley faces that glow in the dark but only at night when the owl passes over the barn with a field mouse between it's breasts and asks the wandering cow, "who?" but the cow doesn't answer because cows don't talk so the owl is forced to come over to my house and play poker till 5 in the morning loosing the field mouse to me in a localized moment of insanity, then we lay on the couch and laugh at the whole ordeal as the clock strikes exactly 5:27:51am and that causes the owl to fall in love with me and we make out on the couch for the next 5 days thus having sex over 3200 times, all the while the owl is staring at my computer mouse that looks back to me for help but I am too crazy to notice, then when I finally get off the couch I go and get my shot gun and fill it with pure sugar and shoot the owl in the mouth which causes a sonic boom to go off in it's mouth because we all know that owls can't process sugar as fast as humans so all the electrons release their energy at once and the owl flies out the window at the speed of light thus releasing all the atoms in the universe from being frozen in time and this sends the earth into a slightly different orbit and we all discover that the earth is not round but instead is flat on the top and flat on the bottom but is that because of all the midget penguins that fly south in the winter and north in the summer even tho they can't fly which causes all scientists the world over to wonder what the f*ck is up with that and they wonder so long and so hard that they all turn into skeletons and then fall to the ground in a most outstanding crash which forms black holes all over the earth and we are all sucked into an alternate part of the universe which is ok because in this spot the exact same thing has happened to an alternate earth so everything turns back to just about normal, except for the fact that someone decides that this is all too much for them to take so they create the dreaded baseball virus and sends it to all computers on earth but only Windows crashes so now the only real system left is Apple so Steve Jobs decides to rename Apple computers into Peach Info Techtronic Hyperbolic Subliminating Retrance Dactic Popover system just for no reason at all other that being able to use the acronym PITHSRDP which means absolutely nothing at all but all this comotion causes time to reverse itself to Dec. 31 1999, and because the new Apple system was poorly designed it forgets what year it is every single day so that sometimes it is 2000 and sometimes it's 5 A.D. and Jesus comes back from the dead and plays a game of tennis with his mom then later appears on Jerry Springer with a show entitled "My mom is no longer a virgin" but that really doesn't matter because TV hasn't been invented yet so no one is able to watch the show, instead everyone justs sits around looking at rocks and commenting upon their different shapes which leads to the formation of the new religion of the Rock in which people worship the roundest of the rocks out there but soon people get really bored and everyone dies.... The End! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?! Hehe you said "you"! HAHAHA, I said you too, ha! I said it again...hehehehe. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY F*CKED UP!!!! You started it with your pants jabbering teeth falling out of your mouth on Tuesday mornings when the bus stops by the beach to steal all the water in my trousers that don't exist since I'm naked because of the package of gum I found sitting on a chair that stole my trousers without a word of... SHUT UP, DON'T YOU START THAT AGAIN, THAT IS REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING!!!! You forgot pointless when you said that with a beaver running billboard song playing in the background whilst dancing to naked hot dog barbequed over an open lighter which floats in water but only if you add a pinch of salt in the... ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP, STOP DOING THAT, I MEAN IT JUST STOP! But I'm just getting to the part where the peanutt butter and jelly sandwhich run off with a slice of government cheese and they start beating a flea with a wet sock full of cream cheese and pickles whilst doing the hokey pokey in the full moon light and the tree starts to sing.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU TO STOP IT NOW, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF YOUR PAPER WASHING SHENANIGANS WHILE EATING LUNCHBOXES FILLED WITH RADIO PARTS AND SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF SWITZERLAND... OH NO, NOW I'M DOING THIS STUPID PLANET MARS REFIGURING FLOWER BUYING WHILE I'M DANCING NAKED IN A TUB FILLED WITH OATMEAL.... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
we hear at Greg Inc. feel that we both need to appologize for the above insanity and thank you for sitting though it all, we also feel you need a moment of sanity which we will provide for you shortly, thank you for your patronage and we hope you continue using our service in the future, have a pleasant evening...

~~This is your moment of sanity brought to you by Greg Inc.~~

The price of beans in China dropped by 56 cent today due to unusually high amounts of water in the fields.

Sex was outlawed by the Pope today who was quoted as saying something in italian which we can't understand

Water use in China skyrocketed today as everyone decided to flush all of the toilets in the country at once thus causing a chain reaction and causing all the toilets to break down.

India renounced the pope today saying "He is not a real person, Americans just made him up."

Prince changed his name once again today. He shall now be known as "India"

Your local government loves you, send them thank you cards

New flavor of gum announced today, however tests audiences did not like the name "rat feces" as the new flavors name

News flash: Prince has changed his name again to "The country formally known as India"

Hallmark suffers it's worst stock price drop ever as the press found out mental patients were making such cards as "Love Me, or die", "Happy St. Billy Hendercosine day", "Scientists are people too", "Cats are great, with mayonaise", "Thank you for being my local form of government"

Viagra stock prices are up and strong while nude pictures of Dennis Franz were low in demand and falling

Prince has once again changed his name to the symbol of a happy face, and since his new album "Look at my butt, isn't it round and lumpy" isn't selling any copies he has decided to demand royalties from every person and company that uses the happy face symbol

Spankings are on the rise today as the weather was too hot to do anything non-sexy, on an unrelated note, I had sex today, and you didn't

Walmart today decided to change it's mascott from the happy face to a gun weilding postal worker who "shoots down prices and customers in the persuit of savings"

~~This has been your moment of sanity from Greg Inc.~~

Umm... Ok I've totally gone insane so I'm going to go to sleep now, expect things to return to basic normality in the next entry... I'm so very sorry you had to read this. Dear reader, what have I done to you, will you ever forgive my heat forged insanity? "Is this what it sounds like, when doves cry?"- Prince" ~ Koo-Sempai

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Sunday, April 8th, 2001
12:43 pm
Whatever you do, don't run. Or....Silly Rabbit, Tequilla shots are for college kids
Boy where to begin on Saturday's events? Well the interesting part of Saturday began when I was invited to Julie's room to watch the "E! True Hollywood Story" on Roseanne. Yeah fun! Then it happened, Mere Pear IMed Julie inviting us to come with her to go steal street signs and have some rum and cokes. We of course agree to this outrageous plan, since hey, we are college kids and in the dictionary it says that college kids do outrageous erratic irrational things that often land them in a heap of trouble! So we wander on over to Mere's place. When I get there I decide not to have any alcohol because I don't particularly like rum and coke, however Julie has some, and Mere has Tequilla. Any guesses where alcohol leads.....more alcohol. Then the fun starts as me, a slightly drunk Julie, and a really drunk Mere head on our quest for street signs! We wander off campus towards Hunt to see Mere's friends first, but we can't get in because it is after 11 and Mere's friend isn't answering the phone. On a side note, cute gay guy comes along and checks me out (yeah baby)! He couldn't get in either, on hindsite I should have asked him to come with us cause I could have gotten laid but that is a moot point NOW! Wherever you are cute guy, much luvs!!!! I should have asked him his name when he asked "Do I know you, what's your name?" But me like a f*ck head ramble on about Enrique, because I thought he might be thinking that is who I am but anyway. The only clue I have about him is Hunt. I shall stalk this place in hopes of seeing him again one night. Damn me for not giving him my last name though, he could have easially found me, but now he has to search for every Greg in the student directory. Hope I run into him again, if I had been drunk I would have told him he was cute, HOLY SH*T he knows Jake, I remember Mere saying that this morning at breakfast. Anyway enough about the man of my dreams.... on with the rest of the tale. After we were denied access into Hunt we wandered down the street and Mere decided to steal our first sign. So she pulls out the adjustable wrench and starts at it, stopping periodically for cars passing. Then she decides she is too drunk to care about the cars and continues on with the sign, then I see the cop car like 20 or so feet away and I say "ok, a cop car!" Caos soon follows.... Mere leaves the wrench on the sign and starts to pretend to make out with me and falls to her knees, grabbing onto my waist. Julie starts to move around, and is looking across the parking lot we were beside for means of escape. I'm like thinking to myself, how do I get into these things, what the f*ck am I going to say to the cop (I'm the only sober one remember), Please dear God, whatever you do Julie, don't run. The cop turns the corner and pulls up right beside the sign, Mere at this point is barely standing up holding on to me, Julie is still moving around ready to run. Then the cop says
Cop - "Hey, are you guys alright?"
Me - "Uh... Yeah!"
Cop - "Gonna take her home ok?" (Refering to Mere)
Me - "Uh... Right!"
Cop - "Ok"
And the cop pulls away to a very happy group of college kids. The thing I don't understand is HOW THE HELL did the cop not notice the wrench hanging obviously off of the street sign? I don't know but I was glad she didn't. It would have been so funny (not at the time) if the wrench had of fallen off just as the cop started pulling away and had crashed though her car window. At that point, all bets would have been off, I'm sure everyone would have started running in opposite directions. I'd probably be somewhere lost in Williamsburg right now if that had happened.
By this point I was like ready to go back, figuring this was a sign, but Mere could not be pursuaded. We wandered the streets looking for signs, Julie (still drunk) was trying to be the voice of reason saying, "That sign is too big, big Mere, it won't fit in your backpack!" I was being the lookout for more cops and other onlookers. We came to another sign, which I'm trying to persuade Mere that "There are people in that car watching us, there are people right over there by that house watching us" Julie in the meantime is hiding behind some bushes while Mere is trying to loosen the nuts on the sign "Righty tighty, lefty loosy". Eventually after she kept dropping the wrench we decided to go back. However on our way Mere noticed another sign she wanted. On a little white fence there was a "Visitors Welcome" sign which was not screwed down, it was just hung there, so Mere took it and Julie helped her put it in her back pack. Well mission accomplished (I guess). But no my friends, the night does not end there like you would think it would..... We are on campus now and Mere decides she is hungry and that we should go to the Lodgel (Lodge 1), Julie insists that we must hurry because it closes in 5 min... 10 min later we get to the UC. Mere insists that to get to Lodge 1 we must go in the top "The special way" All the while Julie keeps insisting that it will close in 5 min, we get there ok, Mere order's food, pick it up and we eat outside since Lodge 1 finally closed. Mere whispers to me that "When I'm drunk, I'm horny, I'm horny now, so horny, don't let me have sex with Julie, If you let me have sex with Julie, I will castrate you, I'm serious!" I'm so very scared now, Mere is all over Julie, I cannot let this proceed any farther. I intervene being one of sober nature. After the much touchy feely drunken lust fest was broken up, Mere decided she needed coffee to sober her up, so we head to the UC to get cash from the ATM and off to get coffee, well that is no problem since we are right by the daily grind. But (why is there always a but?) the place is jammed packed with people because of some lame comedy night deal, so only one of us can go in. At this point college students is the test.... which one of the three people should go in and order coffee for Mere, should it be...
A. Mere herself
B. Julie
C. Greg

If you said A. Mere herself, you would be wrong. You are a perverted sick freak who feeds off of other people's pain. Who in there right minds would send a completly drunk person into a room of crowed people to order her own coffee with a $20 dollar bill she keeps dropping cause she can't hold on to it! You failed horribly if you picked this answer...
If you picked C. Greg, you would still be wrong, but it was a nice try. Use common logic people. If I had went into the daily grind and left Mere and Julie by themselves, this would have just given Mere the opportunity to fondle all over Julie even more. I was not about to be castrated this evening ladies and gentlemen....
If you picked B. Julie, you are correct! Because this separates her and Mere, and Julie while drunk was not as drunk as Mere was and thusly could communicate and hold onto a $20 bill, it also allows the sober one to watch over the most drunk of the group. This is the smart answer... If you chose this one, then you are prepared for outrageous college adventures!
While waiting on Julie to come back, I was trying to keep Mere upright, even tho she did mangage to trip on some garbage bags I helped her back up. Then my friend Adrian came out of the grind and I said hi to him as I had my arm around Mere, I felt at this moment I needed to clarify the fact that I am not "with" her, I dont' want to give anyone the wrong impression that I'm straight, I'm gay yo. so I say "Oh, I'm just babysitting this one", at least he caught on.
Julie manages to come back successful with Green Tea Chai, and we go on our merry way, avoiding the cop in front of the grind and his cop car. Then Mere remembers she wanted to go to the bathroom in the grind, so we decide instead to head back to the UC to use their bathrooms... we all decide go to the bathroom together, I thought why the hell not, no one is around, I have to watch over these two, so I follow them into the bathroom (girls bathrooms are strage places, I must say, I did remember to put the seat back down ladies - clapping can be heard). So we are standing by the sinks talking ready to leave, and as if we hadn't gotten into enough trouble, a UC attendant comes in and tells us that the building is closing, she didn't mention anything about me tho, which is good. We leave and take Mere back to her dorm room, we all spend the night in peaceful slumber... The End?

No silly, we had to wake up too. The only thing we did this morning tho is play around with stuffed animals and go to breakfast. Oh and Mere has since decided to take the sign back because it was someone's that they made and it didn't belong to the government, blah.... all that running around for nothing, well not really I got a good story out of it I guess, and that is really what matters right? Yes indeed! To hear this story from another perspective, and with details I might have left out, be sure to visit Julie's journal, just search for sapphos_lover. My quote for this entry.... "Good Grief, how do I get myself into these things?!" - Charlie Brown" ~ Koo-Sempai

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